Our passion is crafting better lifestyles for people through design. Parable Studio came together in 2016 inspired by the meanings behind human experiences and with a focused intent of creating holistic outcomes that have a positive impact to life.

After a decade of designing stuff like airline lounges, banks, radio stations, restaurants, homes and hotels, our founder took the first step towards designing universes together when they worked on a beautiful eatery called Grain Traders.

It seems that both growing up as cross-cultural design geeks finding their authentic place in life is what makes it all come together so well.

Ken Yuktasevi


Recognized for his game-changing design work in the lifestyle, hospitality and commercial sectors, Ken’s passion for storytelling and people has led to a unique and compelling perspective in designing solutions. Working across the fields of architecture, interior design and branding, Ken has worked with several brands in different industries, including Grain Traders, Lee Hwa Jewellery, Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), Singapore Airlines, and SaladStop. He was formally Director at ONG&ONG Architects’ Experience Design studio before founding Parable Studio.

Sarah Cheng-De Winne


Sarah brings to Parable 8+ years of brand strategy and creative client management experience across diverse verticals of design, business, culture and media. She is at once brand strategist, business development manager and mother of 2 adorable children by the grace of God. She can be found taking a dance class or two on the weekend!

April Tan


Senior Lead Designer for Interiors, April believes in designing spatial experiences for people, and not just for design. She loves seeing how design can bring excitement to clients, by bringing their vision for their brand to life. She loves exploring and travelling cities, through experiencing their spaces and eating their delicious food.

Carmen Chng

Finance Executive & Office Administrative

Carmen plays a key role in the team. Bringing almost a decade of experience in the financial sector and business management, she handles the business processes and finance of the studio. A meticulous and organized individual, Carmen is well-loved for her wit and humor too.

Lee Wen Ling


A branding designer, illustrator, and (sometimes) writer, Wen Ling is endlessly captivated by the ever-shifting shape of design. She seeks to thread every design experience with moments of delight, and she has a taste for strong instant coffee and terrible puns.

Steph Leong

Digital Marketing and Account Executive

Equipped with 5 years of experience in Marketing Strategizing and Digital Marketing, Steph is seasoned in developing social media and BTL campaigns for consumer lifestyle brands. Outside of work, Steph is also a passionate street dancer, a fashion enthusiast, and a street culture tastemaker. Her vibrant lifestyle allowed her to build a flexible perspective and make valuable connections.

Sarah Jeanne Caraig

Interior Designer

Jeanne brings to Parable a strategic perspective to designing for space. She enjoys exploring materials and the art and crafts, another extension of her creativity. In her free time, she enjoys a good game of badminton.

Yang Sok Ming


Sok Ming believes in enhancing people’s experiences though transforming and engaging spaces. She especially loves to explore design detailing to improve the overall spatial experience. During her free time, she enjoys baking and cooking up a storm.

Our diverse backgrounds make it second nature for us to weave a wide spectrum of tools and methodology to uniquely approach each project outside of their traditional parameters.

Uncovering meaning & truth is at the core of a Parable design, and this search is driven by a high regard for people. We love spending time with people seeking to understand the beginnings, middles and ends of how people do life at work, rest and play.

Our interest is in solutions that go beyond being beautiful to look at, but are integrated expressions of strategy, art and storytelling.

We are obsessed with how design, culture and values are intrinsically connected to each other. This has birthed a design culture deeply rooted in our core beliefs of love, honor, truth and authentic relationships. In our studio, people are not our greatest asset, culture is the asset and our people are family.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine… the future.”

– Robert L Peters

Parable Values

Heart for people,
Commitment to Design

We serve others with the pure desire to bless our fellow team members, our clients, and their businesses. We are commited to growing each other as individuals and collectively as a team. We have zero-tolerance for politics.


Excellence &
Humility in Craft

We take ownership and pride in our work and humble ourselves in learning, to ensure every detail of our work produces the best outcomes for client and team.


& Positivity

We celebrate the best in others, and in tough times focus on what’s going right, while making the necessary adjustments to what needs improvement.


Explore and
Inspire Possibilties

We seek to discover the best possible solution across multiple disciplines and mediums, we are imaginative and creative folks who lead and contribute meaningfully to our fellow team members and the greater design community.


Work Unto the Lord

We believe that good fruit is borne out of every good work we endeavour towards our Lord, and that we will be rewarded by our Father in Heaven!