CreativeMornings with Sarah

22 October 2018

Last week, Sarah was invited to share at CreativeMornings, held at Lyf@SMU. The theme of the month is ‘Honesty’. The theme explores how we can stay true to ourselves in a rapidly changing world. With that, Sarah spoke about how her life experiences at a young age shaped her strong character, fueling her ambition at work, at home and her passion for music.

We were joined by several creatives and professionals in the industry and we are thankful for everybody we joined us last Friday morning.


A concept originated from New York’s creative community, CreativeMornings is an event that aims to conjugate like-minded individuals in the creative scene, connecting people through breakfast and a short talk by speakers selected by each city chapter based on a global theme. To find out more about CreativeMornings’ initiative and their program, visit their website for more information

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