Improving Retail Experience in Singapore, One Design at a Time

03 October 2019

Come 12 October 2019, Parable Founder, Ken Yuktasevei, will be speaking at Saturday Indesign.  He will be discussing today’s retail dynamics. caught up with Ken ahead of the event to find out more about the Parable’s perspective on retail design in today’s market.

In general terms, how do you think the retail experience in Singapore could be improved?

Singapore’s retail experience can benefit from a massive shift of mindset. Yes we are presented with constraints of costs, space and market volume, but that should make us to return to the fundamentals of what makes telling genuine stories and being passionate about engaging people the heartbeat of amazing retail.

The question should not be just about efficiency, how to cut costs or how to be the loudest ‘Instagramable’ design. We should be asking ourselves something more like, “What’s the best way I can use 1,000 square feet to build meaningful relationships with my audience?”

How have you explored this in your projects?

Interestingly it started with me knowing that on paper I am not critically the most talented, most groundbreaking designer in the room. This led me to be committed to understanding my client and customer as deeply as I could. Over the past 15 years, this has created a process where we explore design from a different perspective at the very genus of a project. We ask the right type of questions and we have a very certain type of designer in our studio that knows what to do with the answers.

Parable’s team members are first and foremost storytellers and artists. We cannot do what we do if we don’t have a mixed-discipline bunch of open-minded and humble professionals operating at the top of their craft.

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Catch Ken Yuktasevi at Saturday inDesign

discussing today’s retail dynamics with Leong Hon Kit of Wynk Collaboratives and Stephen Jones of Woods Bagot on 12 October, 11:30am. Register to attend now!

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