Aiming to nourish the modern customers with its signature roasted meats and dim sum, Crystal Jade Group launched Crystal Jade Go as a quick-service dining concept. Parable’s task was to convey the brand’s energetic and edgy personality via graphic and spatial experience.

We set the brand narrative with the tagline ‘Ready, Roast, Go’ to communicate the brand’s principle of serving its high quality roast products and efficient service for its go-getter customers.

Parable customised a set of illustrations for Crystal Jade Go to use as visual cues, and to effectively communicate the brand’s offering to its urbanite customers.

When it came to designing the restaurant interiors, we used the dynamic brand colour palette to architect a lively ambience within the space.

Casual furnishing and self-service kiosk was customised for the space to emulate a fast-service restaurant — creating a setting that is familiar to students, office workers and commuters.


Branding , Experience , Graphic Design , Interior


Spatial Design, Branding Graphics, Signage, Packaging


Spatial Design: Ken Yuktasevi, April Tan, Jeanne Caraig Branding Graphics: Freda Lai, Daryl Bradley Tan