Full of Luck Restaurant has been reimagined as a beautiful, homely restaurant welcoming everyone craving for excellent and inventive Chinese family cuisine.

The shophouse interiors have been designed to exude the familiarity of home with a twist. A mixture of vintage materials like rattan weave, terrazzo and teak wood have been juxtaposed with contemporary detailing and open space planning.

Downstairs in the ‘tea room’, recreated ceiling detailing – inspired by traditional shophouses – frames a laid back and fast atmosphere. Mirrors and counters are designed with an elm wood furniture vernacular.

Upstairs, the indoor green veranda dining hall takes advantage of the volume of the roof to create a soft and intimate experience for diners wanting to have a family meal at a human pace.

To complement the restaurant’s new look, the updated brand identity sought to capture quintessential Chinese elements, paired with a contemporary update.

Inspired by the romanticism of traditional Chinese ink paintings, familiar illustrations of landscapes form the key graphics used across the various touchpoints.

A subtle color palette allows the food to speak for themselves, showcasing the timelessness of Chinese cuisine.


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