Janice Wong, twice-awarded Asia’s Best Pastry Chef (2013, 2014) owner of restaurant 2am:dessertbar, was looking to create a retail and product line based on her name and personality. Her main business at the time was a service-based restaurant, and she desired to move into a new business revenue model that was retail-oriented instead.

Our project objective was to create a brand strategy, positioning and brand identity that would take her new retail and product line to international markets and move into selling her chocolates and sweets as products, rather than her then existing service experience at 2am:dessertbar.

“Welcome to JANICE WONG, a world of pure imagination. It is an invitation to explore our immersive world of interactive edible art, where emotional surprise, personal expression and nostalgic discoveries abound.”

"What really stood out to me was that Mark and his team took the time to really understand the personality of the brand that needed to be built, and was able to express it accurately through his work on the brand strategy and brand identity system."


Chef-Artist & Owner of Janice Wong

The brand concept drew influence from Chef Janice Wong’s own personal philosophy of positive energy, beauty and imagination, to establish a compelling system that also incorporated Janice’s own signature as the brandmark.

To give consumers a unique first-hand experience of a sweets wonderland marrying pastry with fashion and art, our branding, graphic and packaging design system consists of an energetic and imaginative colour palette to represent the depth and variety of creations that Janice has to offer.

In order to further express Janice’s unique idea of pure imagination (which she felt was a “spiral” shape), we also developed a custom display typeface as a key brand asset for her to use in-store displays and on communication headlines.


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