Co. is a premium work experience that weaves life and business together through an inspired sense of adventure. At The Co, we want to give members flexible ‘home-bases’ that enable them to be extremely light on their feet, adding a tangible sense, substance, taste and pioneering spirit to the businesses of members. We are a social ‘port of call’ that brings magic to the everyday of members and the neighbourhood community.

With second-generation leadership taking up the helm, our client desired for a fresh look at The Co brand and how its value proposition could be communicated at an instant with its branding and communications materials.

Having experienced working, running and designing co-working spaces in the past, we put aside pre-conceived notions of the style and design artefacts that usually come up with the “office” genre. Instead, we focused on experiencing and speaking to people on the ground afresh to understand the meanings and unique stories that come along with the people behind the Co and it’s community.

The unique notion of making a premium office an office again — in all the right ways — became a strong foundation to build core service and aesthetics. The softer nature of everyone being on a journey and an adventure took the centre stage for the narrative. This evoked an art and photographic style with a strong point of view. Elements from wayfinding and compasses added embellishment to accessible and personable imagery and brand tone of voice.

"They (Mark and his team) helped us to realize that our target audience was keen to perceive us beyond our facilities, and that we could be champions of a specific philosophy, attitude and approach different to other co-working spaces."


Marketing Communications Manager of ARCC Spaces


Branding , Graphic Design , Hospitality


Name Cards, Member Access Cards, Stickers, Envelope Address Stamp, Letterhead, Brochure, Presentation Slides Templates, Welcome Kit - Notebook & Map, Signages, Banners, Website