Ken & Mark get interviewed by Buro24/7

22 April 2017

Parable was recently featured in Buro24/7 Singapore, an online platform providing coverage on the latest news in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture. We discussed one of our most recent rebranding project, The Co.; a co-working space that has locations in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Parable helped The Co. to reposition and rebrand itself in the overly saturated market of co-working spaces; created its new visual system and voice. And as with any project, the first notion is to develop an understanding of the client’s end goal and in this case was to bring people together to join a community and to highlight how The Co. as a co-working space could fulfill that desire.

Everything is taken into consideration when crafting a brand, from the placement of the logo on applications right down to the typeface. “We like to think that every typeface has a personality, much like people,” said Ken and Mark — a thinking Parable standby when selecting a typeface to be the voice for the brand and if none is thought to be suitable, Parable spends time creating custom typefaces for the identity.

The Co. is looking to launch its new brand this year, so stay tune to our project page for updates.

Read the full article here.

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