Lee Hwa’s Jewelspace Is A New Take On The Jewellery Retail Culture

19 August 2019

Completed in early 2019, Lee Hwa’s JewelSpace is Parable’s vision to reinvent the jewelry retail experience. In an interview with indesignlive.sg  , Creative Director Ken Yuktasevi expressed that “The jewelry retail culture has changed, and so the spaces and places that customers interact with the product should transform in ways that the customer can easily understand and adapt,”

Targeting a millennial customer base, Parable crafted a new experience inspired by an art gallery, taking away the physical levels of entry and exclusivity. A casual jewelry ‘bar’ serves as a touchpoint that allows customers to stumble into the store without feeling like they have to go through a security screening.

“(Millennial) Customers really want their spaces to be relatable to them in a way that is not overbearing or at the expense of convenience,” says Yuktasevi.

Read the full article on indesignlive.sg to find out how we used different touchpoint and experience design to connect with the millennial shoppers.

View the project here.

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