SPRMRKT’s brief was to create a space that gave people a clear and deep experience of what the brand is about: art, retail and food that inspires daily life. Situated in context to the STPI gallery we also had to take into consideration the needs and limitations of the gallery.

We had to consolidate and communicate a focused brand identity while having two separate offerings on two levels. This led us to a concept of framing interiors through structures and utilising photography in the brand.

We split the levels designing an approachable everyday deli/retail/café on the ground level. This was designed with a strong and chunky frame sculpture in the ceiling. The upstairs was designed to have a more humane feminine touch to showcase the fine casual food offering. Custom furniture and artwork allowed this restaurant upstairs to integrate nicely with the gallery.


Art , Branding , Interior , Photography


Awning, Wall Sticker, Window Sticker, T-Shirt, Apron, Store Card, Business Card, Brand Stickers, Coffee Cup Stickers, Wine Bag, Greaseproof Wrappers, Menu Board, Counter Menu, Wine Tags, Menu, Coasters