The Power of Storytelling

25 September 2018

“Stories move not only people, but they also move product.”

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is an age-old framework that allows the audience to identify with different parts of the story due to universal story arcs and character archetypes that appeal to our innate need for inspiration and reflection on life.

Why use a Story-full approach to Branding and Design?

By using what we call a “story-full” framework, we believe that through developing a strong brand story for your audience, stronger and deeper emotional connections are made with your audience, converting more customers and allowing existing customers to stay loyal to your brand.

source: Plentyfull

Storytelling creates intrinsic value for your product or service and thus induce a higher perceived value. Naturally, once your brand starts to engage in story-full expressions through all mediums of touchpoints, business sustainability and scalability becomes easier once the story is clear to follow.

How do you tell a Brand Story that really sticks?

Storytelling is not random. In fact, strategic storytelling produces clear top-line messaging that cascades down to brand identity and spatial design touchpoints that excite and delight your audience, converting them into buyers and advocates.

source: Grain Trader

Our process begins by facilitating stakeholder and target audience discovery sessions, alongside a thorough research process of the competitive landscape, industry trends and customer interviews. This culminates in the development of Key Personas, who our Brand has to engage with, becoming the foundation for Story Crafting.

Discovering Shared Truth

Parable believes in discovering and communicating shared truth between your brand and your customers. This involves incorporating the values, interests and “what really matters” that is at stake for both you and your target audience.

Before Parable took on the challenge of a brand refresh for SaladStop, it never occurred to them how the deeper story and values behind the family business of SaladStop could be expressed in their brand. They were functioning on the very basic instinct of providing healthier options of food to their customers instead of effectively communicating these values through their company’s vision or curation of customer experience.

Together with Parable’s Ken Yuktasevi, the whole team came together and came up with three words, ‘Eat Wide Awake’. These words were a great anchor to design on where SaladStop became more than just a restaurant but a way of healthier living.

When it came to the design features such as the laminates, reclaimed wood, colors, and signage, it was ensured that they could be easily found in different countries to consistently communicate their brand values, especially since SaladStop has since expanded internationally.

Beyond selling your product or service to your customers, Parable aims to achieve storytelling through design. Parable incorporates your brand story into your logo, graphic designs and interior designs to synthesize and build a coherent and effective brand that makes sense to your customers. A total design not only allows your product or service to reach your audience but also immerse them in your complete brand experience.

Expressing your brand story through storytelling can better engage with your target audience and almost certainly benefit your brand. Utilizing visual imaging and content messaging over several platforms and media, storytelling allows you to differentiate your brand apart from your other existing competitors in the market, creating irresistible value that matter to your clients.

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