We have had a long working relationship with SaladStop! We first worked with them to design their signature outlet experience, merging the functional needs with educational messaging in a time when many thought “healthy” meant Yong Tau Foo.

They grew from three locations in Singapore to fifteen. We partnered with them again to refine their brand communication strategy as they were looking to expand overseas.

With the evolution of the brand and the store design having moved forward, the logo — before the rebranding exercise — soon began to sit very differently against its design and mood.

The feeling the graphics invoked started to feel too different from when the brand first began.

Our objective was to make the brand consistent, look more visually balanced, and one that complemented the store design.

The final brand mark is inspired by the crests in Japanese heraldry, or “Kamon”.

These are emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. They usually depict nature, and it felt fitting to use a “kamon”-inspired graphic for a family business!

The brand mark went through several iterations, always being adjusted for clarity and balance. It depicts two spinach leaves coming together, yin-yang fashion to form an ‘S’, for SaladStop! of course. The final mark has an italicised ‘S’ so that the mark appears to be upright.

“Working with Ken and Mark felt very much like a team, and a process that I think felt again very natural.”


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