International artist, singer and music producer JJ Lin approached Parable Studio to design the brand and interior experience for his coffee kiosk Miracle Coffee in Neihu, Taipei. A coffee lover himself, JJ imagined a place for everyone to experience “everyday miracles” through coffee.

Taking clouds and stars as symbols of miraculous favor from above, the logo mark marries an abstracted letter “m” with a series of intricate lines representing the “impossible” shapes of a Mobius strip, while also representing that flow from JJ Lin’s JFJ Sanctuary, located adjacent to the Miracle Coffee kiosk.

The custom-drawn typographic “m” shape becomes a symbol depending on the viewer’s perspective, just as miracles often happen due to a change in perspective.
The logotype for “miracle” is designed as a back-slanted stencil that a supernatural perspective, going against typical roman or italic type forms.

Inspired by the terrazzo effects of the Miracle Coffee counter, we invite customers to take a piece of the experience with them in echoing the graphic relationship between the terrazzo. In addition, the mood and feel created can also be interpreted as the cosmos, stars and stardust, allowing for the customer to imagine their next miracle

The colour blue is the perfect accompaniment to the cloud motif, for where else do clouds reside but in the heavens? Furthermore, behind every cloud is glorious blue skies — the symbol for hope as far as the eye can see.


Branding , Graphic Design , Interior , Packaging


Brand Stickers, Store Cards, Coffee Cups, Carrier Bags, Cookie Bags, Cake Box, Glass Cup, Menu Board, Signages