International artist, singer and music producer JJ Lin approached Parable Studio to design the brand and interior experience for his coffee kiosk Miracle Coffee in Neihu, Taipei. A coffee lover himself, JJ imagined a place for everyone to experience “everyday miracles” through coffee.

The logo mark weaves an abstracted letter “m” as a series of intricate lines representing the flow of a Mobius strip.

Inspired by the terrazzo effects of the Miracle Coffee counter, we invite customers to take a piece of the experience with them in echoing the graphic relationship between the terrazzo.


Branding , Graphic Design , Interior , Packaging


Brand Stickers, Store Cards, Coffee Cups, Carrier Bags, Cookie Bags, Cake Box, Glass Cup, Menu Board, Signages


Spatial Design: Ken Yuktasevi, Rudy Taslim, Tan Zihua, Johnny Chiu (JCA), Sunny Sun (JCA) Logo Design: Mark De Winne Graphic Designer: Freda Lai Project Management: Sarah Cheng-De Winne