Grain Traders is a restaurant that wants to feed people right. Everything about the brand and space had to tell this story in the quick moments people are there for their workday lunch.

We drew inspiration from a variety of places and sources: Anthony Bourdain’s food trips into the Bronx and Queens, alongside flour sacks from the Mid-West and old Puerto Rican posters were key in providing a base for the Grain Traders visual and spatial universe.

The GT concept essentially puts users through a queue-choose-and-pay process, our brief for the space was to make these activities disappear by immersing guests in an authentic atmosphere. This led to special touchpoints so that wherever you were in the space, you would not feel left out of the experience.

“This was one of the hopes we had for Grain Traders that has come to life – that guests would come into our concept and think & wonder 'where' this concept originated from, as it had a feel of one that was already established years before.”


Director of Grain Traders & Series of Intentions Collective Pte Ltd


Art , Branding , Interior


Sticker, Store Cards, Name Cards, Letterhead, Menu, Uniform, Food Box, Store Bag, Juice & Water Labels, Oatmeal Containers, Counter Menu, Takeaway Coffee Cup, Cold Brew, Coffee Carrier, Art Posters, In-store Labels, Food Board, Drink Board


Experience Design Director: Ken Yuktasevi (O&O) Branding, Logo & Graphic Design: Mark De Winne (O&O) Graphic Designer: Chua Yu May (O&O)