For the 20+ person team of JFJ Productions led by international artist JJ Lin, the craft of music and production is both embodied and enabled at JFJ Sanctuary — where live broadcasts and music recordings are carefully crafted and produced to inspire JJ Lin’s audience of millions. Designed to be a sanctuary for music production, broadcast, workspace and hosting of celebrity guests and business partners, JFJ Sanctuary encompasses a state-of-the-art production studio as the central heart, surrounded by programmatic spaces such as offices, reception, hospitality lounge, meeting room, storage and coffee kiosk.

Designed to be a sanctuary for himself, his team, celebrity guests and business partners, Parable created a spatial experience to both reflect and inform the way JJ writes and expresses music.

"Create a spatial experience that both reflects and informs the way I write and express music"

JJ Lin

International music artiste, songwriter and record producer

Designed by Parable Studio (Singapore), with strong collaborative design detailing support from J.C. Architecture (Taiwan), JFJ Sanctuary is not your typical office interior design project, despite it being located on the ground floor of an office building within Taipei’s bustling Neihu neighbourhood.

For the team that resides within, and JJ Lin’s fans, the JFJ Sanctuary combines craft, art and technology for various states of play, rest and work into a singular design expression.

Making full use of the architecture of the office unit, our team — led by Ken Yuktasevi — sought to plan the space in a matter that could contain the programmatic space requirements in the most effective manner possible, telling a story through the space that would not simply contain but also inspire music and media creation.

Having Heart

The design concept that rose from the brief was an idealized home full of rooms that surround a central heart which is the studio production space, which JJ calls SANCTUARY. We fell in love with the thought of music being at the heart of life and life being the vessel for music.

The wall of SANCTUARY, was the most painstakingly crafted part of the project. Clad in individually cut marble lines, the formwork for this piece was hand drawn and prototyped in paper origami before being sent for cutting in Carrera marble. Sourced in Italy, cut in Singapore, then shipped to Taipei for fitting, the centrepiece of JFJ Sanctuary is inspired by the rhythm and scaling of musical notes. Just like a beating heart, the curves on the wall represent the sound waves that pulsates through the office and to the extreme end, Miracle Coffee.

The Flow of Time and Space

Upon entrance, one is greeted already by a section of the feature wall with an animated video welcome to JFJ Productions, with the option to turn left towards the office, or right to the lounge for more casual hospitality, and further in, the meeting room which can be closed off for private adjournments. This right-side wing is blessed with strong yet changing natural daylight, allowing for the look and feel of the feature Carrera marble wall to evolve continuously throughout the day.

The entrance to SANCTUARY (the production studio) is a few steps to the left, while the left side wing also features enough desk space for 20+ people, a small private office for the general manager, and even a pantry at the far end. JJ’s own private office sits on a mezzanine floor that is accessed but a short flight of stairs near to the left of the entrance.

The Miracle Coffee segment was determined to beat the opposite end of the main entrance, at the section of the building facing the crossing between two major streets, thus maximising its potential for retail and footfall.


Material Palette

The material palette was elemental in nature, utilizing the natural beauty of blue & white marble as the main feature. The white Carrara marble of SANCTUARY was selected with the intention to reflect the natural daylight streaming into the space while amplifying the shadows of passing time as the day transforms to night.

There was also ample use of metal in the space to offset the marble and wood touches, especially in the furniture pieces. The meeting room table, for example, was fabricated to look like the unvarnished metal wing of an airplane. Fabric was used in the office and lobby space to soften the atmosphere while balancing privacy, acoustics and connectedness to the surroundings.

Eyes Up

Design inspired by the linear repetition of sheet music, JFJ Sanctuary͛s ceiling feature consisted of powder coated aluminium batons, designed to bring volumetric consistency to the spaces of the lounge and meeting room. Terminating about 300mm from the heart wall it allows people to approach it intimately. Parable’s intention was to have a feeling of space beyond the ceiling and bring a contrasting rhythm to the marble tiles of SANCTUARY.


The furniture consisted a meticulous selection of acclaimed designer pieces and Parable’s own customised pieces. For example, the sofas and coffee table were designed and made by Stephen Kenn Studio, RGB Clouds were designed and made by Richard Clarkson, decorative lights were from AJ Eklipta and Louis Poulson.

Sanctuary Stories

Since JJ Lin’s launch of the JFJ Sanctuary space, his ability to engage and create with his fans has significantly increased through the type of media and broadcast capabilities that have come forth through JFJ Sanctuary, resulting in consistently sold out instances of his SANCTUARY Tour concert tickets all across the world. In Singapore for example, after his original two shows were sold out, his additional release of two more nights were sold out in 2.5 hours. Parable is deeply honoured to have partnered with JJ in such a significant manner — to bless the lives of the millions he connects with.


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