For the 20+ person team of JFJ Productions led by international artist JJ Lin, the craft of music and production is both embodied and enabled at JFJ Sanctuary.

Designed to be a sanctuary for music production, broadcast, workspace and hosting of celebrity guests and business partners, JFJ Sanctuary encompasses a state-of-the-art production studio as the central heart, surrounded by programmatic spaces such as offices, reception, hospitality lounge, meeting room, storage and a coffee kiosk.

Parable created a spatial experience to both reflect and inform the way JJ writes and expresses his music.

For the team that resides within and JJ Lin’s fans, the JFJ Sanctuary combines craft, art and technology for various states of play, rest and work into a singular design expression.

Making full use of the architecture of the office unit, our team sought to plan the space in a matter that could contain the programmatic space requirements in the most effective manner possible: telling a story through the space that would not simply contain but also inspire music and media creation.

The design concept that rose from the brief was an idealized home full of rooms that surround a central heart (the studio production space), which JJ calls SANCTUARY. We fell in love with the raw thought of music being at the heart of life.

The wall of SANCTUARY, was the most painstakingly crafted part of the project. Clad in individually cut marble lines, the formwork for this piece was hand drawn and prototyped in paper origami before being sent for cutting in Carrera marble.

Design inspired by the linear repetition of sheet music, JFJ Sanctuary͛s ceiling feature consisted of powder coated aluminium batons, designed to bring volumetric consistency to the spaces of the lounge and meeting room.

The furniture consisted a meticulous selection of acclaimed designer pieces and Parable’s own customised pieces. For example, the sofas and coffee table were designed and made by Stephen Kenn Studio, RGB Clouds were designed and made by Richard Clarkson, decorative lights were from AJ Eklipta and Louis Poulson.


Art , Branding , Experience , Interior


Spatial Design: Ken Yuktasevi, Rudy Taslim, Tan Zihua, Johnny Chiu (JCA), Sunny Sun (JCA) Graphic Design: Mark De Winne, Freda Lai Project Manager: Sarah Cheng-De Winne