We designed the brand and space for Plentyfull to give people a taste of restorative eating. We spent about 2 months observing the way people ate around the millennia walk area, focusing around the areas of health and wellness.

Plentyfull was conceived to give guests a sense of freedom in the experience being able to walk around and buy pastries, learn how to cook, pick up groceries and sit down for a meal. The brand we felt needed to convey a fresh, diverse and extremely friendly spirit.

The space takes inspirations form the land, air and sea in which the produce originates from. The tiles in the floor are handmade and hand laid by our designers themselves to convey a strong sense of craft.

We shot collages of fresh produce shaped in the letter P to illustrate their respect for ingredients. These features both local and imported produce, so you have banana owers next to cherries, watermelon with bok choy leaves — a nod to the “world” cuisine of Plentyfull, which uniquely interprets comfort food from many cultures. So much of their food philosophy revolves around love for produce, choosing the best, and cooking it in a way that maximizes its flavor.


Stickers, Store Cards, Name Cards, Coasters, Table Placemats, Menu, Compliment Cards, Tote Bags, Cake Box Stickers, Food Labels, Packaging, Coffee Cup Sleeves, Posters, Experience Book, Pretty much everything


The Parable team who worked day and night to make this dream a reality. Park Hotel Group and the team on the ground at PORTA for hosting our workshops at your space, adding the amazing people to this space and for caring so deeply about getting it right.