Plentyfull was designed to give people a taste of restorative eating. We spent about 2 months observing the way people ate around the Millennia Walk area, focusing around the areas of health and wellness.

In creating an atmosphere that was fresh, diverse and friendly, guests were free to move around freely, buy pastries, learn how to cook, pick up groceries and sit down for a meal in the restaurant.

The spatial cues took inspirations from which the produce originated from. Floor tiles were handmade and hand laid by our designers to convey a strong sense of craft.

As a significant part of Plentifull’s food philosophy revolved around love for sourcing and maximising produce, we photographed collages of fresh produce shaped in the letter P to illustrate their respect for ingredients.


Stickers, Store Cards, Name Cards, Coasters, Table Placemats, Menu, Compliment Cards, Tote Bags, Cake Box Stickers, Food Labels, Packaging, Coffee Cup Sleeves, Posters, Experience Book, Pretty much everything


Experience Design Director: Ken Yuktasevi Branding Director, Logo & Custom Typography: Mark De Winne Graphic Designer: Chua Yu May